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  To establish an educational and safe atmosphere, students will be expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Students are expected to follow the Code of Student Council.

  A copy is provided to each student.  Read and discuss this book with your child.  In this book you will find certain offenses that at student could face suspension or expulsion from school if involved in.  Keep this book and/or refer to the homeroom teacher.

  Each teacher will also provide each student with a copy of classroom rules, procedures, and consequences.

  Some offenses for which students will be referred to the office for disciplinary action include but are not limited to the following:  fighting, pornography, indecent exposure, stealing, weapons, continued/constant disrespect, sexual harassment, tobacco, threatening other students and/or staff, drugs, alcohol, major disruption, any extreme behavior the teacher thinks necessary.

  When students are referred to the office, an administrator will decide appropriate consequences.  A letter will be sent with the student to the parent/legal guardian.  A copy will also be given to the teacher.  When the student returns to school after a warning or suspension, he or she must return the letter to the office signed by the parent/legal guardian.

  If a student needs to be excluded from a field trip, a PTO program, Field Day, or any special program or event the teacher must first contact the parent and discuss the problem.  This will warn the parent and the child before action is taken.  If the student does not improve he/she must be referred to the office for disciplinary reasons.  After this process, the decision may be made to exclude the child from the event.