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Educationally Related Presentations (Speeches) by a Sitting President of the United States or Governor of South Carolina

 A respect for high elected office, regardless of party affiliation or political viewpoint, is an important aspect of an informed citizenry’s participation in public life as described in the rationale set forth elsewhere in this policy. Accordingly, should a sitting President of the United States or Governor of the state of South Carolina visit a school or schools within the district, or should a speech related to education, generally, during school hours and offered for the encouragement of public school age children either statewide or nationwide be scheduled by the holder of either office, the schools within this district are allowed to facilitate such presentations by providing spaces for members of the student body to witness such personal presentations or to provide electronic media by which students may hear or watch broadcast communications of such speeches or presentations, subject to the following conditions.
§   That this policy is intended to encourage the facilitation of such opportunities but is not a mandate that students witness, hear or watch a personal visit or broadcast presentation.
§   That the scheduling of such presentation does not interfere with previously scheduled, district wide testing and, if so, a copy of the presentation may be made by the distance educational learning center and may be thereafter offered at a time to be set after such testing is completed.
§   That should a teacher choose to use the speech as a part of his/her intended instructional play, upon parental objection the teacher will provide an alternative assignment.
§   That parents/legal guardians may request in writing that their children be excused from participation in such activities and supervision for alternative, appropriate activities will be made available.